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PASK (Pianists for Alternatively Sized Keyboards) has produced three videos that summarise the case for keyboard choice: Part 1 is an overview of the issues, Part 2 describes the experiences and shows performance extracts of pianists who play smaller keyboards, and Part 3 is a summary of the statistics on hand spans, including gender and ethnic differences, and why hand span is important for piano playing. There are also versions with Japanese and Chinese text:

The first pianist to ever play on an keyboard with narrower keys in a piano competition was Artem Arutyunyan in the Dallas International Piano Competition, held in Dallas, Texas in March 2014.  Steinbuhler DS6.0® and DS5.5® keyboards are available as an option for contestants entering this competition. Artem chose the DS5.5® inch keyboard and adapted to this size after only a few days of practice!  See a brief excerpt from his performance: and also a video showing how quickly the keyboard can be being changed during a competition.

At the same competition in March 2015, Artem performed once again, this time on a DS6.0® keyboard. Another contestant, Anna Arazi, won third prize using a DS6.0® keyboard. She had never played this keyboard prior to the competition and adjusted completely after just one day of practice. The pain she had been experiencing previously in her arm completely disappeared. See this recording of Anna’s first round performance of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto no 1:
For further information about the competition, visit:

These and other videos can be viewed on the PASK (Pianists for Alternatively Sized Keyboards) YouTube channel:

In particular, see the Playlist: ‘Alternatively Sized Keyboards in Action’.

Recordings and reviews

Dr Carol Leone’s CD: Change of Keys: One Piano, Three Keyboards, featuring works by Hayden, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Bartok, was released in 2016. Her CD won silver medals for outstanding achievement in both the Classical and Solo Instrumental categories in the Global Music Awards 2016. You can listen to her CD here:

For four excellent reviews, go to:-, and, and, and download the review from the American Record Guide (Jan/Feb 2017) here:

​You can order the CD here:-